Apps for android.

WDW Resort Assistant has launched.

I have launched WDW Resort Calculator and WDW Resort Calculator Lite. Both are available for download on the Android Market.  

Future Update Plans

In the future, I am looking to expand on WDW Resort Assistant to encompass all of your Disney Resort needs.  Some features that I'm considering are:

-overview of your resort with a map of all important locations
-gps marking of your room location
-resort restaurant menus

Plus more when I come up with other ideas.

In development...

Currently I am working a more detailed section of the app where you are able to find and locate various things while you are at your resort.  Such things as the pool, restaurants, bus stops, etc.  I'm also looking to add restaurant menus and the ability to save your room location using your phones GPS so you will never get lost while your staying at your resort.